Name: Syed Ali Bokhari

Studied at FC College
Lives in London, United Kingdom
From Lahore, Pakistan

Urdu designing is in simple adding your own imaginative rainbow to a poetry sometimes poetry on a scenary unfold it’s meaning much more then any verbal explanation .

I started Urdu designing about 11/12 years ago as I always says I had no intention to make any designs it was rather my company of probably best creative designers if that time around my circle that pushed me to learn and delivere more .In simple word my seniors were before anything my friends and this can’t get any better than this .

My advice would be to collect different Art work of different Era .. there is a difference between editing and making a whole design whether it be Urdu poetry or calligraphy or typography whatever it may be I believe when you claim you have designed sum artwork 99% resources should be your own hard work .